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Step 1 Contact Us

Contact Proplans and book a free consultation. We don’t just work 9 till 5; we can visit outside working hours and book a time that suits you

Step 2 Consultation

We will discuss your proposed project, its design, your requirements, budget and practicality. We will then give you a fixed quotation and confirm how you wish to proceed

Step 3 Site Survey

Once you have confirmed our quotation we will then carry out a detailed site survey using the latest measuring equipment. This will enable us to design your proposal and produce building drawings for builders to work from

Step 4 Pre Planning Advice

Based on your design and requirements pre planning advice with your local authority may be required. We meet with your local authority and discuss your proposal in detail to determine if the design is deemed acceptable before the planning application process. This will be included in your quotation

Step 5 Design

Once a design has been agreed with you and the local authority it’s off to the drawing board or should we say computer. Your design will be drawn up using the latest computer aided software and sent to you for approval. Amendments can then be made if required and once a design is confirmed it is then ready for planning approval, if planning is required

Step 6 Planning Application

We fill out all paper work required to produce a valid planning application. It is submitted online direct to your local authority. We will act as your agent on your behalf and deal with all queries the local authority may have. We will keep you up to date during the entire planning process. We pride ourselves and keeping in close contact with the local authority to avoid any refusals and at present have 99% success rate

Step 7 Building Regulations

Once we have your approved planning application it’s time to complete the building drawings, compliant with today’s building regulations. They can then be submitted to the local authority or passed direct to your builder who can then complete the building works under a building notice instead of building regulation drawings

Step 8 Co​mpletion

Your project is now complete and in the hands of your contracted builder however we are only at the end of the phone if either you or your builder needs any further assistance. We always look forward to returning to see your completed project so we can add to our portfolio and celebrate with a nice cup of tea